Emotional Healing


Emotional healing


Our sex lives are so linked with our emotional health. If things are not going well sexually there is a strain not just on the marriage but physiologically and spiritually. To work through the hurts in prayer and counselling can began the road to inner healing. Cloud and Townsend’s little book “Sex and Intimacy, what to do when you don’t know what to do” is recommended reading. In this book many questions were raised that I had not considered.


I forgave my husband for unknowingly hurting me.


I forgave God for my trials.


I expressed my hurts to him, including forgiving him for ‘making me this way’.


I walked through many emotionally difficult things to face.


I recognised and repented of my pride.


I was freed from the shame of failure.


Free of resentment. Free of anger with God This was not a quick fix. It was a process. It is like removing the outer layers of an onion. There were still more layers to work through. The book gave me hope.